Cantina Band Sheet Music PDF John Williams (from Star Wars) Gratis Descargar

Cantina Band Sheet Music PDF John Williams (from Star Wars) Descargar gratis
  Título de la canción: Cantina Band
  Artista: John Williams (from Star Wars)
  Tipo de Instrumento: Partitura de Piano
  Clave musical: F Major
  Ritmo de Metronomo: 132
  Scoring: Piano Solo
  Estilo Musical: Movie, TV, Soundtrack
  Dificultad: Media
  Tipo de Archivo: PDF
  Numero de paginas: 5
 Tipo de Descarga: Gratis

Info Cantina Band John Williams (from Star Wars)

Cantina Band

Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (also known as the Cantina Band) is a fictional band from George Lucas’s science fiction saga Star Wars, first appearing in the original 1977 film Star Wars.

They are depicted as hairless aliens with dome-shaped heads and round, black eyes, a race called Biths. They are seen in the Mos Eisley Cantina sequence. The band is also featured in the short story «We Don’t Do Weddings: The Band’s Tale» by Kathy Tyers in the anthology Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina (1995). They were parodied in the film Team America: World Police.

Their most famous composition, an up-tempo instrumental, is named, on the original soundtrack, as «Cantina Song«, and is credited to the composer John Williams. In subsequent fictional spinoffs, including «Empire Blues» byDaniel Keys Moran and Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, the piece is identified as being titled «Mad About Me».


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