Chevaliers De Sangreal Sheet Music PDF Hans Zimmer Gratis Descargar

Chevaliers De Sangreal Sheet Music PDF Hans Zimmer Descargar gratis
  Título de la canción: Chevaliers De Sangreal
  Artista: Hans Zimmer
  Tipo de Instrumento: Partitura de Piano
  Clave musical: F Major
  Ritmo de Metronomo:
  Scoring: Piano Solo
  Estilo Musical: Instrumental, Movie, TV, Soundtrack
  Dificultad: Dificil
  Tipo de Archivo: PDF
  Numero de paginas: 5
 Tipo de Descarga: Gratis

Info Chevaliers De Sangreal Hans Zimmer

Chevaliers De Sangreal

«Chevaliers De Sangreal’» «Hans Zimmer» song of the Film  The Davinci code.

The official motion picture soundtrack for The Da Vinci Code with Thomas Bowes (violinist), King’s Consort Choir, Hugh Marsh, Orchestra, Richard Harvey, Hila Plitmann, Martin Tillman was released on May 9, 2006 via Decca label. The film’s music was composed by Hans Zimmer, whose work resulted in a nomination for the 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.
For a soundscape that was religious to the core, Zimmer used a massive orchestra and chorus to create a dramatic ‘stained glass cathedral’ feeling. While the score has more in common with Zimmer’s previous work for Hannibal, there is also a solid mixture of the motifs used for The Thin Red Line and Batman Begins. The thirteenth cue, «Chevaliers de Sangreal», is the most bombastic; powerfully underscoring the ‘discovery’ scene in the film.
Like Media Ventures protégé Harry Gregson-Williams, who composed the soundtrack for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Zimmer used Abbey Road Studios to help create his music for The Da Vinci Code. Additional sections were recorded at London’s AIR Studios, atop Rosslyn Hill.
Director Ron Howard commented that «Like every other facet of this movie, the score for The Da Vinci Code demanded a range of textures that recognized and reinforced the layers of ideas and emotion, which unfold as the basic story does.» Claiming that Zimmer was «inspired», Howard added that «Hans Zimmer has given us extraordinarily memorable music to appreciate within the framework of a film or completely on its own, where you can let the sounds carry you on your own private journey.»
It was rumored that the A-ha song Celice would be in the soundtrack to the film so that song is a double entendre for the torture device, the cilice, and the name of a woman named Celice whose presence seems to torture the men, but this did not occur.
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