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  Título de la canción: The Last Song
  Artista: Elton John
  Tipo de Instrumento: Partitura de Piano
  Clave musical: C Major
  Ritmo de Metronomo: 60
  Scoring: Piano / Vocal / Guitarra
  Estilo Musical: Pop Rock
  Dificultad: Media
  Tipo de Archivo: PDF
  Numero de paginas: 4
 Tipo de Descarga: Gratis

Letra The Last Song Elton John

The Last Song

Yesterday you came to lift me up
As light as straw and brittle as a bird
Today I weigh less than a shadow on the wall
Just one more whisper of a voice unheard

Tomorrow leave the windows open
As fear grows please hold me in your arms
Won’t you help me if you can to shake this anger
I need your gentle hands to keep me calm

`Cause I never thought I’d lose
I only thought I’d win
I never dreamed I’d feel
This fire beneath my skin
I can’t believe you love me
I never thought you’d come
I guess I misjudged love
Between a father and his son

Things we never said come together
The hidden truth no longer haunting me
Tonight we touched on the things that were never spoken
That kind of understanding sets me free.


«The Last Song» is the second single from Elton John’s 1992 album, The One. It was composed by John, with lyrics provided by Bernie Taupin. «The Last Song» marked the first of John’s American singles to benefit his AIDS foundation. Taupin faxed the lyrics to him in Paris, shortly after Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury died the previous year. «I was crying all the time as I wrote the music», John told The Advocate, «and it was very hard for me to sing it». The song tells of an estranged father coming to terms with the sexuality of his gay son, who is dying of an AIDS-related illness. Originally titled «Song for 1992», it was renamed to avoid dating it.

«The Last Song» reached number two in Poland, number seven in Canada and number 21 in the United Kingdom while peaking within the top 40 in several countries worldwide, including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the United States. A music video directed by Gus Van Sant was made for the song, but he was not the first director considered. David Hockney and Madonna declined the offer.


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