Love Is Blue Sheet Music PDF Richard Clayderman Gratis Descargar

Love Is Blue Sheet Music PDF Richard Clayderman Descargar gratis
  Título de la canción: Love Is Blue
  Artista: Richard Clayderman
  Tipo de Instrumento: Partitura de Piano
  Clave musical: E minor
  Ritmo de Metronomo: 110
  Scoring: Piano / Vocal / Guitarra
  Estilo Musical: Easy Listening, Instrumental, Standards
  Dificultad: Media
  Tipo de Archivo: PDF
  Numero de paginas: 3
 Tipo de Descarga: Gratis

Letra Love Is Blue Richard Clayderman

Love Is Blue

Blue, blue, my world is blue
Blue is my world since I’m without you
Gray, gray, my life is gray
Cold is my heart since you went away

Red, red, my eyes are red
Crying for you alone in my bed
Green, green, my jealous heart
I doubted you and now we’re apart

When we met how the bright sun shone
Then love died, now the rainbow is gone

Black, black, the nights I’ve known
Longing for you so lost and alone
Gone, gone, the love we knew
Blue is my world now I’m without you.


«Love Is Blue’» «L’amour est bleu» (English title: «Love Is Blue«) is a song whose music was composed by André Popp, and whose lyrics were written by Pierre Cour, in 1967. Brian Blackburn later wrote English-language lyrics for it. First performed in French by Greek singer Vicky Leandros (appearing as Vicky) as the Luxembourgian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1967, it has since been recorded by many other musicians, most notably French orchestra leader Paul Mauriat, whose familiar instrumental version became the only number-one hit by a French artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 in America.

The song describes the pleasure and pain of love in terms of colours (blue and grey) and elements (water and wind). The English lyrics («Blue, blue, my world is blue …») focus on colours only (blue, grey, red, green, and black), using them to describe elements of lost love. The English version by Vicky Leandros also appeared as «Colours of Love» in some locations including the UK.


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